Joanne Hayashi - Owner, Certified Instructor & Pretrainer
Joanne Hayashi was drawn to and has enjoyed movement starting at a very young age in Manila, Phillipines.  Her family relocated to the USA in 1986. She trained and was Certified in Pilates in 1998 at the Stott Pilates Training Center in Toronto, Canada. Inspired to share her love of this Mind Body movement, Joanne opened her first studio location, the Pilates Body, in 2006. Her continuous curiosity of other movement modalities led her to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, which she was completely inspired by.

Joanne began her teaching journey into GYROTONIC® methodology with Master Trainer Anjali Austin of GYROTONIC® Tallahassee, and in 2010 she completed her GYROTONIC® final certification with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin in Miami. Joanne continued her studies further into GYROKINESIS® ​exercise under Master Trainer Bradley Kreamer, completing her certification in 2011. In 2013, Joanne took her teaching to the next level of teaching teachers by becoming a GYROTONIC® Pretrainer. She completed GYROTONIC® Level 2  training courses with Master Trainer Lisa Lansing of GYROTONIC® Cleveland in 2014Joanne continues her passionate studies of this movement system with Suncoast Center for Movement's in-house Master Trainers, Bradley Kreamer and Elizabeth Holland. 

Joanne's experience and passion for teaching allows her to work intuitively, focusing on each of her client's individual needs. She was never interested in the traditional gym mind set of a hard core exercise , boot camps, or lifting weights. She feels that she finds more satisfaction by being fully engaged in the art of mindful and conscious movement. She feels that the soft, quiet strength and "meditation in motion" during any practice is key. Joanne strives to guide all her clients to a new awareness on how their bodies move and function, releasing their restrictions, relieving their pains or simply guiding them to their fitness goals.
Elizabeth Holland - Specialized Master Trainer
Elizabeth Holland’s experience in mind-body fitness began in 1986 as a young, training dancer, utilizing Pilates and Yoga technique as a means of conditioning and injury prevention. She continued her education and experiences with Pilates throughout her professional dancing and teaching career to eventually become certified by the Physicalmind Institute in 2001. She is also certified by Artforms of Italy to teach the MasterStretch Boot Series.

Elizabeth sought GYROTONIC® methodology as therapy following hip and shoulder injuries resulted from a fall during a previous pregnancy and a later auto accident. She was so impressed with the healing qualities and relief of pain she experienced that she went on to become certified in the method in 2002. She has since continued her studies further under the tutelage of the system's inventor, Juliu Horvath, to become aGYROTONIC® Master Trainer, a GYROKINESIS®Master Trainer, an Archway and Ladder Master Trainer, and a GYROTONIC® Level 2 Pretrainer.  Elizabeth is certified to teach all of the Specialized Equipment, as well. She was the original proprietor and owner of Las Vegas GYROTONIC®.

The scope of Elizabeth’s experience includes work with clients ranging from professional, training, and retired dancers, performers & athletes, to those seeking relief from chronic pain and injury & the elderly, and to the average individual seeking a means for looking and feeling better. Her commitment to her clientele is only exceeded by her dedication to continuing her education as the methodology behind GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise evolves. She seeks to create an experience based upon each individual’s specific needs, relying upon knowledge and intuition.
Jolane Harrington Rutherford - Certified Instructor
Jolane Harrington Rutherford grew up just south of the Kansas City area and moved to Sarasota in 1993 to escape the harsh winters. She has been into fitness most of her life. As a child, Jolane spent most of her time outside riding bikes, roller skating, doing gymnastics and playing catch with her brother. She was active in track and cheerleading thought middle school and high school. Mrs. Rutherford received a B.S. in Science from the University of Missouri and Kansas City in Dental Hygiene in 1990. During college she continued on her fitness journey into jogging and aerobics to stay in shape and relieve the stress of academic life. Jolane practiced dental hygiene until the year 2000 and continues to keep her license active.

Jolane's journey into Mind & Body exercise began when she had a back injury . The doctors suggested that she quit doing heavy impact exercise, which was a tough transition because she loved the adrenaline rush from high intensity workouts. She starting doing Pliates
in 2006 and began professional instruction in teaching shortly after.wards. She received her final certification from Stott Pilates in 2008. Jolane continued her studies further to become GYROTONIC® Level 1 certified in December of 2015 and Iis continuing to work toward the completion of GYROTONIC® Level 2.

Mrs. Rutherford enjoys how Pilates and GYROTONIC® work together to improve strength and flexibility in different ways. She hopes to provide her clients with a safe and effective workout tailored to their specific needs. Jolane feels that the beauty about Pilates and GYROTONIC® is that it is for anyone, and she loves working with a wide range of clients, from people in their 80’s to professional ballet dancers.
Francesca Mirabelli- Certified Instructor
Francesca Mirabelli is a certified Pilates teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner. She is also a registered Movement Therapist and massage therapist. She holds a BFA in dance. Her Pilates sessions are individually designed to restore mental and physical well being, deep core dimensional strength, flexibility, improved posture and functional movement.